Policies & FAQs

What's included with your rental:

  • Unlimited mileage (for Motorcycles only)
  • Helmets
  • Passenger backrest
  • Security system and/or additional cable lock
  • 24-hour emergency contact phone number
  • Insurance during your rental period

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

Yes, for your own safety, and per California law, and our insurance company, you and your passenger are required to wear a certified helmet at all times when you ride our motorcycle or moped. A helmet is available with every rental at no additional charge.

Are the motorcycles and mopeds routinely inspected?

Yes, every motorcycle and moped have a safety and mechanical inspection prior to every rental. All equipment is maintained to manufacturers' specifications by certified technicians. Your safety is our #1 priority.

What are the requirements for making a rental?

All operators must be over the age of 18.

  • For motorcycle rental, you must be 21 years of age or older. If you are between the ages of 18 and 21, special arrangements may be made if you have at least 2 years' of experience on motorcycles of 1000cc or greater. Contact us for details.

All operators must possess a valid driver's license based on the rental type.

  • Electric moped operators must possess a standard valid driver's license.
  • Motorcycle operators must possess a valid motorcycle license/endorsement from the state or country where their driver's license is issued.

You must have a major credit card such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express to process your rental deposit. (A debit card will not be accepted.) A deposit of $1,000-2,500 will be processed depending on your rental type. Deposit is refunded at rental return provided motorcycles or mopeds are returned in the same condition as when they were rented.

An additional insurance fee of $25.00/day will be added onto each rental. Rental insurance is provided through MBA Insurance. This insurance covers liability, collision, and theft, with a maximum $1000 deductible per occurrence on all moped rentals.

What happens if you do not have the motorcycle or moped reserved?

Reservations are highly recommended to ensure availability and the preferred motorcycle or moped of your choice. We cannot guarantee availability without a prior reservation.

What are your Cancellation policies?

Rental Deposit and Cancellation policy:

  • A reservation deposit is required to hold a moped or motorcycle. The amount of deposit will vary from $50-$400 depending on the type and length of the rental.
  • Cancellations with over 30 days' notice will receive full deposit refund, 14-30 days' notice will receive 50% deposit refund. No deposit refund with less than 14 days' notice.
  • Any retained deposit amount with cancellation notice can be applied to a future rental within 1 year.
  • "No-Shows" or less than 24 hours' notice will be charged the full rental amount for the rental period. Motorcycle will be held for 1 hour past scheduled pick up time.

What do I do if I have a mechanical breakdown?

We do our very best to ensure that breakdowns do not happen. If you have a breakdown or you feel the motorcycle or moped may be unsafe to operate, make a phone call to our 24 hour emergency phone, and we will take care of the problem.

Can I use my Own Insurance?

Even if you are already insured, we require that all renters use our insurance. Our basic insurance is $25/day.

Addition to rental coverage

We understand things are going to happen! With the optional Roadside Assistance, we will take care of most problems for you. It includes emergency fuel delivered to you, flat tire replacement or repair due to puncture, and towing. If there is a mechanical breakdown or the motorcycle or moped is unsafe operate due to no fault or your own, we will also reimburse you up to $75/day to rent another vehicle until your rented motorcycle or moped is either fixed or replaced.

All coverage and waivers are subject to the express terms of the rental contract and do not include coverage for personal property, or damage as the result of negligence on the part of the renter for illegal use of motorcycle or use under the influence of drugs or alcohol. RENTAL RULES MUST BE COMPLIED WITH AT ALL TIMES.

Do you have special Rental Discount Programs?

All public service persons (such as EMS, fire, police, and active military) are eligible for a discount. Please contact us for details.

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